Best backpack for nursing school

Best backpack for nursing school


Backpacks are necessary for any student of any age. A strong and light-weighted backpack with ample storage is a must for students of a nursing school. Backpacks help them to carry their belongings, textbooks, and electronic devices. So, nursing backpacks must be able to fulfill several specific needs. Different types of backpacks are available with different functionality for students of nursing schools. As backpacks are very essential, it is indeed very important to invest on the right bag which not only suits your personality but will also be able to fulfill all the requirements. Here we will discuss some of the best backpacks for nursing schools. But before that, let’s learn the important features to look for while shopping for a nursing bag.

Features to look for while buying a backpack for nursing school:

Since the job of a nurse comes with a lot of responsibilities, they need to carry all the necessary instruments to make sure that they do not have to face a trouble inside the healthcare room. One of the most important things in this context is none other than a backpack that will make sure that she is carrying everything along with herself safely! Backpacks for nursing students come in a wide variety of shapes, designs, styles, colors, sizes, and functions. There are several essential features that determine the quality and functionality of a good backpack. To buy the best suitable backpack, you must remember these features while choosing.

Size of the backpack: It is one of the most important factors. You must always buy a bag of suitable size which is capable of carrying all your belongings easily. Don’t buy a bag too large or too small. Space can be an issue then. If you need to carry different types of items, then buy a light-weighted bag with several compartments. Also don’t forget to check the laptop sleeve and up to what size you can accommodate into it. If you carry relatively few things then buy a sling backpack that you can throw over your shoulders. Avoid heavy and large bags.

Comfort and Support: Your nursing backpack must be able to provide you enough support without compromising on your comfort. These two are very important to avoid any shoulder or back pain or injury. A poorly supported uncomfortable bag will give you an unpleasant walking experience as well as cause back and shoulder pains. The shoulder straps must be well padded to provide a comfortable feel.

Durability and water-resistance: Don’t forget to check the durability and water-resistant quality of the bag before buying it. Durability is very important. A bag made of durable materials has a long lifespan and thus helps to save your money on replacements. Keep sharp objects properly or else the bag will be damaged soon. Don’t overload the bag. The bag must be water-resistant to protect your gears from water spills, rain, and snow. Waterproof bags are easy to wash.

Design: Nursing bags are available in a variety of designs. So, don’t forget to buy a backpack with a design which suits your style, personality. A well designed backpack also helps to earn some cool points and a little envy from your fellow students.

Check for wheels: If you carry a lot amount of stuff and your backpack is very heavy all the time or you travel or commute, then a bag on wheels will be great for you. Choose a bag that has a trolley system. This will make your carrying and walking experience pleasant. It will also save you from back or shoulders pain or injury.

Special features: Some bags provide extra features like a USB port or anti-theft facilities. If you are scared of pick-pockets or travel a lot, then you must choose a bag that provides anti-theft protection. Some bags have a USB port and cable to charge your devices. Some may even have a headphone jack. So, one can hear music with their phone stored away safely. Some bags have tablet sleeves which kind of float inside the lining. This helps to protect your devices, especially when you are traveling. So, choose the right bag after checking the availability of special features which you are going to need.

Your preferences: Consider your preferences and needs well before buying a backpack. You must keep in mind some points like how much weight you will carry, sizes and weights of laptops and tablets, any sharp objects, other stuff you need to carry, etc while buying a backpack for your nursing schools. Your bag must be able to fulfill all your needs.

Self-research: Read online reviews on the products you are interested in. Sites like provide several reviews on a single product where people have shared their personal experiences. This will help you to gain a lot of insights, pros, and cons about those. So, you can easily buy the right backpack for you.

Budget: Backpacks for nursing schools come in a wide range of money. Some are affordable, others are quite expensive. The brand name also is responsible for the high-cost. But don’t always go for the brand name! We will suggest – ‘Stick to your budget’. Choose the bags in your decided price range, check their features, pros, and cons, and finally buy the one which suits you the best.

Warranty: Check the warranty offered before buying any backpack. Some come with 6 months or one year’s warranty. This helps to refund or return it in case of any issue. Buying a bag with a good warranty significantly reduces your risk of losing the money on any damages to the backpack from regular use.

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Some of the best backpacks for nursing school:

A strong and durable bag with ample storage and comfort is a must for students of nursing schools. Nursing students have to carry a lot of things in their bags like books, laptops, clothing, shoes, etc. A right and good backpack must allow keeping things in an organized and easy-to-access way. At present, hundreds of different types of backpacks for nursing schools are available in the market. This makes it super hard to decide which one to buy. To make your purchase a bit easier, we will now discuss some of the best backpacks for nursing students.

Jansport Big Student Classics Series Daypack:

This is one of the best bags for nursing schools which comes with a multi-compartment design. The various compartments in the bag include a front utility pocket, two zippered stash pockets in the front, and two big main compartments for storing all your belongings and textbooks. A mesh pocket is present at the side of the backpack to keep the water bottle.  This bag is made up of 600 denier polyester which helps to keep all your things protected during commutes. This bag is available in a wide variety of colors to suit your personality. The back panel of the backpack is fully padded to provide extreme comfort while walking around. It also has a pair of ergonomic S-curved shoulder straps to provide a more contoured fit. A quick grab handle is present to pick it up quickly and transfer from one spot to another easily. It has plenty of room to keep your clothing, laptop, tablet, books, or other essentials.


  • It features a multi-compartment design.
  • The backpack is roomy enough to carry all your belongings.
  • Presence of a mesh water bottle pocket at the side of the backpack.
  • The back panel is fully padded to provide extreme comfort.
  • The S-curved shoulder straps provide additional comfort.
  • It has a grab handle to help in easy picking up.
  • The backpack material is available in many colors.


  • The zippers get stuck sometimes.


High Sierra Swerve, 17-inch Laptop Backpack:

It is a great option for nursing students who need to carry a laptop. It has huge easily accessible storage space and many zippered pockets. This bag indeed promotes organization due to its design. All the compartments in the bag help to keep different items in a order and provide easy access without the need to throw everything in disarray. The main feature is a padded sleeve to keep laptops up to 17” in size. An extra pouch for keeping the iPad is also present. Mesh pockets on the side of the backpack are present for keeping drinks. The top grab handle helps to shift or carry the bag easily. The shoulder straps come with a built-in suspension system to bear the weight of the heavy laptop and textbooks. This helps to distribute the weight uniformly thus making it easy to carry the bag around. Another striking feature of this backpack is the presence of separate deep air channels that introduce airflow in the system, thus helps to prevent horrible sweaty back syndrome in hot and humid days.


  • It is available in many colors.
  • The built-in suspension system of the shoulder straps helps to bear and distribute all the weight.
  • The deep air channels help to avoid sweaty back syndrome in hot and humid days by introducing airflow in the system.
  • The different compartments allow us to keep things in an organized way.

Cons: No such.


VolherAnti Theft Durable Laptop Backpack:

Are you scared of pick-pockets? Are you afraid to leave your bag unattended in class? Then this bag from Volher will be the right choice. It is one of the best backpacks for nursing schools which provides enough security. It comes with anti-theft protection. A hidden anti-theft pocket is present at the back of this backpack to keep your valuables safe and secure. It is durable and water-resistant. The laptop sleeve can hold up to 15.6” wide devices. The main compartment is quite roomy and can accommodate your books, tech-accessories, and clothes. It has a USB port with a built-in charging cable to charge your phone or laptops easily. This media pocket has a headphone jack too. So, one can easily listen to music with his/her phone safely kept away. This backpack has an airflow design at the back with soft multi-panel ventilated padding to provide adequate comfort and freshness. It helps to avoid sweaty backs during hot and humid days. The adjustable shoulder straps are also breathable to reduce fatigue and allow the user to remain fresh and sweat-free.


  • It is made of durable and water-resistant polyester fabric.
  • It has a USB port with a cable to charge your electronic devices.
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable and breathable.
  • The back has ventilated padding to provide comfort.

Cons: No such.


Amazon Basics Backpack:

This is an affordable, extremely light weighted backpack for nursing students. It comes in a clean black design with accent lining. It is very roomy with several spacious organization compartments. The main compartment has plenty of room with a thickly padded space for a laptop. This laptop pouch can hold a laptop up to 17” in size. A smaller pouch is also there to store a tablet. A comfortable grab is present which helps in shifting the bag from one spot to another. Water bottle holders are present on both sides of this backpack. The whole bag is well-padded to protect all your belongings. The shoulder straps are also padded with a left mesh pocket to minimize the stress while carrying it around.

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  • It is light in weight and easily portable.
  • The main compartment has plenty of room.
  • This bag has a laptop sleeve as well as a smaller pouch for a tablet.
  • The whole bag is well padded.


  • It is available in only one color.


Matein Travel Backpack with USB Charging Port:

It is a very popular backpack that comes with a balance of style, storage ability, organizational space, and price. It is waterproof. So, all your essentials will be protected in case of spills or bad weather. The laptop sleeve can accommodate up to 15.6” wide devices. Storage pockets for phones and tablets are also present. You can keep your keys and wallet in the front slanted pocket for easy access. Both sides of the bag have pockets to keep bottles. A built-in USB charger is also present. So, one can easily charge his/her device from the inside by plugging the external cable into the power source. It also has a fully built locking ability to provide anti-theft protection. The metal zippers are quite durable. The S-curved shoulder straps are padded to provide comfort. The additional back support is another plus point.


  • It is water-resistant.
  • Presence of separate pockets to keep laptops, tablets, and phones.
  • Presence of a built-in USB charger.
  • It comes with a fully built locking ability.
  • The shoulder straps and back support provide adequate comfort and stability.

Cons: No such.

Adidas Prime Backpack:

Adidas is a very popular brand. This bag from Adidas can fulfill the demands of a busy nursing student. It has ample room. Apart from the main compartment, there are 5 external zippered pockets. It can hold laptops up to 17” in size. All your textbooks, clothing, or shoes can easily fit in this bag. The extra zippered pockets help to keep all your belongings in an organized manner. There is a fastening loop on the anterior side of the bag to strap additional items. All these allow it to carry a lot of stuff. The best thing about this bag is the load spring shock-absorbing technology and padded air-mesh paneling on the posterior side provide extreme comfort and support. The base is water-resistant. This protects the bag from being damaged when accidentally placed on a wet floor. It is available in different color options.


  • It can accommodate a huge amount of stuff.
  • This bag provides enough comfort and support even when it is fully loaded.
  • It comes in a wide variety of color options.
  • It has several zippered pockets to keep your belongings in an organized manner.


  • No padded carrying strap.
  • Only one tech pocket present.
  • The zipper pulls are a bit noisy.


Kenneth Cole Reaction Brooklyn Commuter Backpack:

It is one of the best backpacks for nursing schools which provides an impressive combination of style as well as functionality. It has several compartments that can be completely unzipped and opened to provide easy access to your belongings. The different compartments provide many internal storage spaces, zipped pockets, and some mesh pockets to keep your things separate and organized. This helps you to find things easily. To prevent unwanted card scanning or reading by thieves, it comes with RFID blocking protection technology. It is TSA friendly and has a trolley pocket. This allows it to be conveniently and easily move in an airport floor. The laptop sleeve is padded and can store up to 17” laptops. The main compartment has plenty of room. It also has a mesh pocket and a stash pocket to keep extra things.


  • It is the best choice for students who do a lot of traveling or commuting.
  • It has RFID blocking protection technology to prevent unwanted card reading or scanning.
  • It also has a trolley pocket.
  • The main compartment is very roomy.

Cons: No such.


Timbuk2 Parkside Laptop Backpack:

It is suitable fortechnology-focused students. It comes with 20 liters volume to hold all your belongings easily. The internal padded slip pocket present inside the main compartment, can hold up to 15” devices. The top zip and side zip pockets provide extra storage space and help to keep your items in an organized way. Another separate organization pocket is present to hold a tablet device or nursing gears. The shoulder straps and posterior part of the bag are made of air mesh material to provide breathability and avoid sweating. A rigged spine is constructed at the back to enhance comfort and stability.


  • It can hold all your essentials easily.
  • The several compartments help to increase the organization.
  • The rigged spine provides stability.
  • The air mesh shoulder straps and back offers breathability.
  • The device sleeve is padded to protect your electronics.


  • The laptop sleeve can fit up to 15” sized devices, which in turn, makes it unsuitable for students having larger laptops.
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Under Armour Hustle 3.0 Backpack:

It is a premium backpack made of tough and water-resistant polyester material. It is durable and can tolerate the rough use. It also has a padded grip handle for easy pickup. The main compartment has ample space to keep large textbooks, shoes, and clothing. The internal laptop sleeve can accommodate up to 15” sized laptops. This is suitable for notebook or MacBook owners. This backpack also has a secondary compartment with two pockets to keep your belongings impressively organized. The front compartment is perfect to keep wallet, phones, pens, and house keys. The mesh pocket at the side of the backpack is suitable to keep water bottles. The heat gear shoulder straps are padded and adjustable which are ergonomically designed to prevent the strain on neck and back. The panel on the base of the bag is abrasion-resistant to ensure durability. A handy laundry pocket is also present to keep the dirty or dam clothing used in practical classes.


  • It is tough, durable, and water-resistant.
  • The base panel is abrasion-resistant which minimizes the potential for tears.
  • Presence of a gusseted laundry pocket to keep dirty or damp clothing used during practical classes.
  • The Heat Gear shoulder straps are designed to prevent back and neck strain.
  • The grip handle is padded which makes it easy to carry it around.
  • It is available in 26 color options and styles.


  • The laptop sleeve is smaller as compared to other backpacks in this list.


Aoking Water-resistant rolling Wheeled Backpack:

It is very important for a nursing backpack to be water-resistant. Studying in an open campus with multiple building make treks from one class to another long. In bad weather conditions like snow or rain, the bags will be damaged. So, to protect your bag from these situations, you must buy a backpack with a water-resistant facility. This will make your cleaning and washing easier too. This bag from Aoking is made of hydrophobic tear-resistant polyester fabric. These bags come with aesthetic designs which are suitable for both male and female students. The laptop sleeve is padded to protect your devices. It has separate book and pens compartment which further raises the organizational bar. A cell phone power bank is also present in the bag. The most important feature is its rolling ability. The rubber wheel tracks allow it to be move smoothly on floors or pavements. It also has an earphone feature.


  • It is available in 5 color options – black, yellow, green, purple, and pink.
  • It is made of tear-resistant polyester which is water-resistant.
  • It comes with an aluminum alloy handle and rubber wheels which makes it easy to move around with it.
  • The laptop sleeve can hold upto 17” in size.
  • The sleeves are padded to provide extra protection to the shoulders.
  • It has multiple small compartments.
  • A cell phone power bank and an earphone design arealso availablealong with this backpack.

Cons: No such.


Targus Legend IQ Backpack:

It is a wonderful backpack which is designed to provide enough comfort and functionality to the nursing students. It has a soft touch handle to provide easy pick up and carrying experience. The wide shoulders straps are padded and air meshed to provide a cool and stress less experience on the back of the users. They also have D rings for easy key and other accessories attachment and quick access. There are many zippered compartments present on the front to optimize your storage. A zippered pocket is present at the side of the bagpack to keep water bottle or umbrellas. The main compartment has plenty of room to keep your books, shoes, clothing, or other items. It has a padded laptop sleeve which can accommodate up to 15.6” laptops and a lined soft-touch slot to keep your tablet. It comes with a secured base at the bottom of the bag to provide an upright standing position.


  • It is suitable for nursing students who likes to carry a lot of items.
  • It is designed to reduce the stress on your back while carrying it around.
  • The easy grab handle has a soft touch.
  • The padded and air meshed shoulder straps reduces the tension on your shoulders.
  • Many compartments are present in this bag.
  • The secured base helps to keep it straight for an easy access to your items.

Cons: No such.


Wrapping up:

The proper nursing school backpacks are those that can suffice all your needs and demands as well as can provide you comfort and support. But one bag is not suitable for everyone. Each student has different requirements and demands. So, while buying you nursing backpack, consider the features discussed earlier. They will not only make your choice easier but will also help you to buy the right and suitable backpack. We have also provided a list of some of the best backpacks for students of nursing schools.  We have done a lot of researching on traditional backpacks and rolling backpacks for nurses to prepare this list. All the backpacks are put on this list based on their mobility, design, durability, and functionality. Hope this information will be helpful!