Best insoles for nurses

Best insoles for nurses

Nurses play a very important role in our lives, without whom the entire medical system will fail to function efficiently. To be able to look after the patients and perform other duties effectively, they themselves must be protected and comfortable. Nurses spent most of their shifts walking, standing, and running. So, their feet must receive adequate comfort, protection, support, and stability.

Sometimes the actual insole of the nursing shoes failed to provide the desired comfort and protection. It is because all insoles and feet are not equal. Different feet types require different features. In that case, replacing the standard insole found in the shoe with a pair of the premium insole is a great idea. These insoles will give you relief from the stabbing sensation of standing or moving on firm surfaces. They will provide enough cushioning to protect your feet against shocks.

Moreover, if you are suffering from any foot-related medical conditions, buying specialized insole to treat your problem is the best thing. When these separately bought insole pairs with your nursing shoe, they give enough comfort and spare you from many foot and back issues.

But buying replacement insoles are not as easy as said. You have to keep certain things in mind to buy the right one for you. We will discuss those features here. We will also give you a list of some of the best insoles for nursing shoes to make your choice easier and convenient. But before that, let’s discuss the different types of insoles available in the market.

Types of insoles:

There is a wide variety of insoles available which are designed for a specific type of feet and different medical conditions. Some of the most common types of specialized insoles sold on the market are as follows:

  • Gel/Comfort insoles: From the name it is understood that these insoles are made from gel materials and thus are extremely soft. They provide impressive foot comfort. They also help to minimize foot shocks by absorbing the impact against firm surfaces. They are perfect for nurses having mild foot aches and joint pains due to their softness. Even if you are perfectly healthy but searching for additional cushioning, then gel insoles are the right choice for you.


  • Arch support insoles: If you are searching for insoles that can provide you the benefits of a standard premium cushion as well as a little support at your foot arch, then this will be the ideal one for you. These insoles will enhance your comfort, offer flexibility, and also provide additional support at the arch area of your foot. Before buying these insoles, determine your arch type (whether it is low, normal, or high) and then make a purchase according to your particular needs.


  • Heel support insoles: As the name suggests, these insoles are perfect for nurses who requires extra support in the heel area. These insoles are either sold as full insoles or as partial heel cups. During long standing and walking hours, a huge amount of pressure falls upon the heel area. These insoles help to reduce the heel-stress during long shifts and prevent slipping off the shoe. The thickness and softness of these insoles vary according to the nursing shoe and foot type.


  • Corrective insoles: From the name we can understand that these insoles are designed to rectify the foot alignment and keep the foot in a neutral and proper position. These insoles come with a mild arch level and heel support to prevent any potential rolling during movement. They naturally cradle the foot and improves alignment. Some corrective insoles come with many layers like bacterial and microbial layers. These layers help to keep your feet fungus and odor-free, clean, dry, and fresh. You can ask your doctor for the measurements and the level and positioning of different layers of your insole may be custom tailored.


  • Custom insoles: They are generally made by a tailor based on the measurements of your foot given by a foot specialist. So, the insole can perfectly mold to your feet and can fulfill all the desired needs. Custom insoles ensure the best possible support and comfort as they are crafted based on the architecture of your foot. They can be your last option if the other insoles available in the market fail to satisfy your needs or provide you enough comfort.


  • Arthritic/Diabetic insoles: These insoles are generally designed for individuals suffering from diabetes. They are helpful to individuals with both insensitive and hypersensitive foot conditions and provide extreme pressure-relief to make walking easier and painless. Some of these insoles come with a self-molding material to fit the shape of the individual feet. They use the wearer’s body heat and weight to undergo the molding process. If you are confused, then ask your podiatrist to recommend the right diabetic insole for an excellent moving experience.


  • Orthotic insoles: These insoles are designed to offer arch-specified support along with correcting biomechanical foot problems. If necessary, they also provide support to the metatarsal and heel area. Orthotic insoles are either rigged or semi-rigged to control the wearer’s motion during movement and to flex the feet. These also improve the foot alignment and offer support to the nurse wearing it. They come in the full foot, ¾ or other sizes depending on the footwear type. Thin and thick variations of these insoles are also available. The thicker insoles provide extra shock absorption. One problem of this insole is that, they feel uncomfortable to wear at the beginning as they are a bit stiffer compared to the other types of insoles. So, it requires some time to adjust to the insole. But once you will get habituated with this insole, then you will understand the benefits of wearing a nurse’s shoe with orthotic insoles.
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Features to look for while buying insoles for nursing shoes:

When it comes to choosing the right insoles for nursing shoes, then you must know what to look for. If you know this, then the task of purchasing the suitable insole becomes super easy. As we know, different people have different types of feet and need suitable insoles to receive adequate comfort, protection, stability, support, and pain and stress relief. But most of the insoles fail to provide you with the required features. So when you go out to buy your insoles, just remember to check these important features.


It is the first and foremost thing to check while purchasing the insoles for your nursing shoe. It is important that the insole fits perfectly into your shoes. Check the length of your shoe and how roomy it is before buying the insole. If the insole doesn’t fit properly, then it will fail to provide the expected comfort and protection. Yes, you can trim your insoles! But I guess it will be better if you get the right fit from the very start. If you fail to find so, then you always have the option of trimming.


Some insoles are thick and some are thin. They differ in their performance based on your nursing shoes and your feet type. Before buying such insoles, check which suits your shoe and feet type, so that you don’t have to compromise on comfort or protection.

Cushioning provided by the insole:

Walking, standing, or running on hard surfaces can cause heel, ankle, and back problems due to the shocks received. It is very important for you to buy cushioned insoles to absorb these shocks and provide overall comfort and protection. So, you must buy insoles that are made from EVA foam which provide brilliant cushioning.


Buying a non-breathable insole for your nurse’s shoe can be a real loss. Nurses work hard for long shifts, without any break-in periods. This causes sweaty feet that lead to microbial growth and blister formation. In worse cases, these eventually turn into athlete’s foot syndrome. So, it is very important to buy insoles made of breathable fabric to keep your feet dry and fresh.

Anti-microbial property:

Some insoles designed for nurses also contain anti-microbial materials. This can give you an additional benefit. They will prevent microbial growth and the development of foul odors. It will keep your feet clean, fresh, and germ-free.

Foot support:

It is another important thing to check before buying your nursing insoles. Foot and arch support is very important for a nurse who is on her/his feet for most of their life. Without adequate foot support, you will face several foot disorders in the long run like plantar fasciitis. To avoid such a case, buy rigid yet flexible insole. Your nursing insole must be able to support your arch in all situations without hindering your movements.

Heel cup:

The depth of your heel cup is another important feature to look for before buying your insoles. A deep heel cup enhances comfort and arch support. It also helps to minimize the stress on your heel bone, which otherwise may lead to several foot issues in the future. So, don’t forget to check your insole’s heel cup depth before buying it.

Choose according to your medical condition:

Different types of insoles are available for different types of feet (with or without any medical condition). There are specialized insoles available for different types of foot issues like flat foot, plantar fasciitis, arch problems, and many more. Different insoles have different comfort and protection level. So, it is better to buy the insole which is suitable for you, or else, the insoles will fail to give its desired performance.


Another important factor which can affect your purchase. Some of the insoles come with limited period warranty. Check the warranty for the product that you are buying. This will help you to return or refund the insole if it fails to provide the desired features or come disputed.

Some of the best insoles for nurses:

Most of the original nursing shoe’s insole is thin and fail to provide adequate cushioning and comfort. A replacement insole is a great idea to provide required comfort, protection, support, and stability to your shoes. In order to save your time and energy on searching among so many products, we will now discuss 10 best insoles for nurses that provide absolute comfort and target to enhance your foot health.

Powerstep Pinnacle Shoe Insoles:

It is one of the best insoles for nurses which provides maximum cushioning and shock absorption. These insoles provide brilliant motion control, reduce foot pain, and decrease the chances of developing plantar fasciitis. It is made from lightweight, robust EVA foam base which has a plush layer covering. It features cushioning technologies to increase comfort and provide enough heel and arch support. It comes with a deep heel that offers additional stability. They are highly breathable, so, your feet will remain cool and sweat-free. It comes with an anti-microbial feature to prevent the development of unpleasant odor after long shifts.

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  • It can accommodate all arch types.
  • It comes with an antimicrobial factor.
  • It is very breathable.
  • It provides rigid as well as flexible arch support.
  • It helps to reduce foot pains.


  • The heel cup might migrate forward after a few months’ use.

Samurai Insoles for Flat Feet:

As the name suggests, they are the ideal choice for nurses having flat feet. Usually their shoe inserts fail to provide the desired comfort and support. The insole from Samurai for flat feet comes with a high-quality flexible construction that molds to your feet. It enhances arch support and decreases overpronation issues. This insole has a low profile and lightweight architecture that helps to keep the feet fixed in position without adding unwanted tightness. They are available in several sizes for both male and female nurses.


  • It is the ideal choice for nurses dealing with flat feet.
  • It features a flexible construction to mold to your feet.
  • It reduces overpronation problems.
  • They are available in a wide variety of sizes, so no cutting or trimming is required.
  • They are unisex insoles.
  • It helps to keep the feet secure and positioned.


  • They can only be fitted to the shoes.

Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts:

These insoles are perfect for nurses who do a lot of standing during their shifts. Each and every part of these insoles from the Physix Gear is designed to provide absolute comfort. They are ultra-thin and can effectively absorb shocks while running, walking, or standing on firm surfaces. These insoles also help to reduce the agonizing pain from plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and pronation.


  • They are unisex insoles, suitable for nurses who are always on their feet.
  • They are ultra-thin.
  • They can effectively absorb the shocks during walking, running, or standing.
  • They can reduce pain from flat feet and other foot disorders.
  • They provide adequate comfort to your feet.

Cons: No such.

Sof Sole Athlete Full Length Comfort Neutral Arch Replacement Shoe Insole/Insert:

It is a high-quality gel-padded insole which gives an impressive cushioning. It features lightweight ‘Implus foam’ cushioning and shock absorbing gel pads. The shock-absorbing pads are situated in the forefoot and heel area to provide protection against shocks. This insole can provide cushioning for most foot types as it is designed with a neutral contoured arch design. It can work with various athletic and casual shoes. This insole features anti-microbial odor protection to keep your feet bacteria-free, clean, and odor-free. These are built-in Hydrologix moisture management technologies to keep your feet dry. These can provide more comfort and support while standing and walking than most of the other insoles found in nursing shoes.


  • They are designed for neutral arch types.
  • They come in several adult sizes to fit a wide variety of shoes.
  • They provide excellent support and comfort.
  • They provide adequate cushioning.
  • Presence of anti-microbial features.
  • It has built-in Hydrologix moisture management treatment.


  • Sometimes the toe area is needed to be trimmed to provide an accurate fit to the shoe.


Dr. Scholl’s WORK Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles:

These insoles come with Responsive-Wave Cushioning to absorb continuous shocks of walking and standing on hard surfaces. The gel provides soft cushioning and adequate support all day long. It features vents to avoid perspiration after wearing it for long durations. Thus, the feet remain cool and dry. These insoles enhance the arch support for maintaining the balance. It comes with additional padding. This padding protects the ball of your feet.


  • It can be worn inside any type of footwear.
  • It provides adequate arch support.
  • The padding provides extra protection to the ball of the feet.
  • The Responsive-Wave Cushioning protects the feet from shocks and keeps them stress-free.
  • Presence of vents to prevent sweating.


  • They are designed only for men.


NAZAROO Shoe Insoles:

These insoles are very popular and greatly priced. It comes with a latex padding design to absorb shocks and provide you a pleasant walking experience. These insoles not only help to reduce heel, ankle, or arch pain and plantar fasciitis but also alleviate the symptoms of overpronation or common foot pain. The functional inserts provide adequate arch support while minimizing foot pressure. The deep heel cradle increases stability. The fabric of these insoles helps to keep the feet dry and fresh. They are antimicrobial and help to prevent foul odors and rashes.


  • It can easily fit in most of the footwear.
  • The latex padding absorbs shocks.
  • It can treat a number of foot problems.
  • The deep heel cradle improves stability.
  • The fabric helps to prevent microbial growth.

Cons: No such.


Walk-Hero Plantar Fasciitis Feet Insoles:

They are unisex insoles that are designed to give relief from the pain of plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is very common in nurses. It occurs due to long walking and standing on hard surfaces. It is also good for nurses suffering from flat feet or bunions. These insoles from Walk-Hero are perfect for treating overpronation which can damage your tendons and under pronation which leads to the development of hip and back issues. They are made from high-quality tough EVA components which are toxic-free. These components are strong yet soft and flexible rubber. It comes with a deep heel cup that provides balance and stability. These insoles provide efficient shock absorption. They keep your feet energized as they are anti-fatigue.

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  • The EVA components help to maintain and stabilize the temperature feet.
  • The deep heel cup provides balance.
  • They are effective shock-absorbers.
  • It gives an energized feel to your feet and knees.

Cons: No such.


Superfeet Blue Full Length Insole:

It is a durable insole that is made of synthetic materials. It comes with a medium profile arch design to provide the user with intermediate support. Due to the high-density closed-cell foam, this insole is thin and takes little space in the shoe to provide excellent support, comfort, and protection from shocks. The heel cup, stabilizer cap, and biomechanical shape work also help it to occupy minimal space without hindering its performance. It comes with a natural anti-bacterial coating, latex-free materials, and odor-control materials. All these together allow the feet to remain dry, cool, and clean. It is suitable and provides enough support for nurses suffering from arch issues, heel pain, or plantar fasciitis.


  • This insole takes minimal space in the shoe but this doesn’t compromise with its performance.
  • It provides adequate shock absorption.
  • It comes with a natural anti-bacterial coating.
  • It is made of odor-free and latex-free materials.
  • Various color options are available.


  • It is only suitable for medium foot arches.


Vsonker Memory Foam Arch Support Insoles:

These insoles are one of the best insoles for nurses that are designed to keep the feet fresh and clean. They consist of breathable fabric. The memory foam is made of soft polyurethane which is a great stress-absorber. The high arch support provides stability and prevents fatigue. These insoles offer an energized feeling and your foot feels light. They can cause a huge relief for aging feet. It is also good for nurses suffering from plantar fasciitis and flat feet. The deep heel cup of these insoles helps to prevent injuries by providing additional stability. These insoles come with a 100% warranty.


  • It gives a light-footed and energized feel.
  • It provides relief from aging feet and several foot disorders.
  • The memory foam absorbs the stress of standing and walking.
  • The arch support prevents fatigue.
  • The deep heel cup prevents accidents and injuries.
  • It is made of breathable fabric.
  • It comes with a 100% warranty.

Cons: No such.


New Balance Pressure Relief Insoles:

It is a specially designed insole to provide long term comfort, mobility, and support. These insoles are perfectly suitable for diabetic consumers. Other than diabetes, these insoles are also suitable for nurses having any foot pain or foot discomfort. They can reduce foot fatigue, thus providing excellent comfort. It comes with a plastazote top cover that provides a perfect fit and sufficient anatomical arch support. The heel cup helps to cradle the foot and decreases friction to prevent blister formation and improve performance. It features a separate heel and forefoot cushioning system.


  • It is best for diabetic people.
  • It reduces foot fatigue and enhances comfort.
  • The extra-deep heel cup and a molded arch support provide extreme stability and support on different types of floors.
  • The plastazote top cover offers a perfect fit and sufficient anatomical arch support.


  • It doesn’t provide enough support.
  • It is way too thick.
  • It is more costly than most of the products here.


Where can you buy your nursing insoles?

You can buy your nursing insoles either from any shoe store or online. Most of the shoe stores sell nursing insoles. If you can’t find it there, online shoe retailers are always there for you. But buying insoles from shoe stores has several benefits. Firstly, you can try and check the insoles and then buy the one which gives you maximum comfort. Secondly, returning them is easy at a physical store location.

Online shopping has its own advantages. You get the chance of reading the reviews, where people have shared their personal experience. This will help you to identify the pros and cons of each product. Websites like contains hundreds of reviews on a single item. These offer you an insight into each insole so that you can buy the best one.

Before choosing from where you can buy the right nursing insoles, just know what to expect from offline and online shopping. Also, go through the features of each product prior to purchase. Make sure that you are making a comparative study among the different products from the same category to have a better understanding of your requirement.



Comfortable nursing shoes along with great insole can make your feet happier and give you a pleasant walking experience. A replacement insole can also provide relief from foot pain and minimize the stress. In order to save your valuable time on researching and confusion, we have already given a list of some of the best insoles for nurses that are suitable for different types of footwear. We have also provided a list of features to look for while purchasing your insoles. Hope you find this information useful!

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