Best Sphygmomanometer

Best Sphygmomanometer


A sphygmomanometer is an instrument used to measure arterial blood pressure. It includes two readings- systolic and diastolic. The systolic reading is the point where the first beat is heard through the stethoscope after the cuff starts to fill with air. The diastolic reading is the point where the last sound of the heartbeat disappears. The normal range of blood pressure in an adult is 120/80 (read 120 over 80). Several factors are responsible for high and low blood pressure like age, disease, etc. High or low blood pressure can cause many problems in health and even death. So, it is very important to keep an eye on your blood pressure. A sphygmomanometer helps you with that. You can either visit a doctor to check your blood pressure or can keep a sphygmomanometer in your house for emergencies. But with so many options of sphygmomanometer available in the market, it is quite difficult how to buy the right one in a pocket-friendly range. To help you with that we will discuss here some of the best sphygmomanometers available in the market at present. We will also discuss the types of sphygmomanometers and when to use them.


Parts of Sphygmomanometer:

A sphygmomanometer has six parts.

  • Bulb: It is the rubber sphere that pumps air into the cuff when squeezed.
  • Cuff: It is used to wrap around the patient’s arm. It contains the bladder. The blood pressure cuff helps to protect the bladder from any damage.
  • Manometer: It is the main part of the sphygmomanometer. It measures the pressure in mmHg.
  • Bladder: It is an inflatable bag which is located inside the cuff. It holds the pumped air. The inflated bladder then compresses and obstructs the artery to observe and track the blood flow through the arm during release.
  • Valve: It controls the deflation of the cuff. It prevents air from leaving the bladder. When the screw is turned, the residual air from the cuff is released causing deflation.
  • Tube: The air from the bulb reaches the bladder through it.


Types of Sphygmomanometer:

Different types of sphygmomanometers vary in terms of their operation, quality, and ability to provide results. Generally, there are three types of sphygmomanometers. Let’s discuss all three of them now.

  • Mercury Sphygmomanometer: It is an old-fashioned sphygmomanometer. This instrument must be kept in an erect position and handled with care as it contains mercury. This type of sphygmomanometer is not much available in the market due to the potential risk and fatal effects of mercury spills.


  • It can last for years.
  • It doesn’t require any recalibration.
  • It is the most accurate type of sphygmomanometers.


  • It is bulky and thus difficult to carry.
  • In case of accidents, mercury spills can cause serious health hazards.
  • It is very expensive.
  • Require trained professionals to operate it safely.


  • Digital Sphygmomanometer: It is the latest type of sphygmomanometer which has grown quite a large popularity over the years. These are the perfect sphygmomanometers to be used at home or emergency purposes. They are not used by any professionals in the medical field.


  • It is easy to use and provides accurate results.
  • No training is required to be able to use it.
  • It can be used in noisy environments also.
  • No stethoscope is needed to measure blood pressure.


  • It is a little bit expensive.
  • It is bulky and a bit heavy.
  • It runs either on electricity or batteries.
  • The accuracy is not impressive.


  • Aneroid Sphygmomanometer: It is the type of sphygmomanometer which do not need any fluid to function. This instrument has a cuff with which a stethoscope and a gauge is attached on both sides. There are several types of aneroid sphygmomanometers like palm aneroid, pocket aneroid, and clock-style aneroid sphygmomanometer.


  • It is quite cheap.
  • It is light and easy to carry.
  • Some of these can be mounted on walls.


  • To get accurate readings, it has to be calibrated periodically.
  • Only a trained or skilled person can use it correctly.
  • It is very delicate and gets easily damaged.

So before choosing which sphygmomanometer to buy, consider where you want to use it, your skill, purpose, etc. Understand your preferences and requirements and buy accordingly.


Features to consider while buying a sphygmomanometer:

It is hard to buy the right sphygmomanometer that can suffice all your needs. But if you consider certain important features while buying, then you will be able to purchase the perfect one for you. Let’s discuss some of the features now.

Accuracy: Check the accuracy provided by the sphygmomanometer. It is the most important feature affecting your purchase. The instrument must be able to provide accurate readings with easy readability from time to time.

Quality: Quality of an instrument is very important. A good quality sphygmomanometer can run a long time without any hassle or issues. One good quality device is better and cheaper than two bad-quality devices.

Self-Research: It is a great way to be able to buy the right and suitable sphygmomanometer. Check the reviews on different products online. Some sites like have plenty of experiences shared by people all over the world. These reviews provide insights about the devices, their pros, cons, and other important features. All these help you to choose the right one that can fulfill all your needs.

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Combos: If you have a tight budget and need to buy both stethoscope and sphygmomanometer, then it is better to search for combos. There are many kits available which includes a stethoscope with a sphygmomanometer and comes in a storing case. Buying combos can save you a lot of money. Just check the quality of the stethoscope before buying one.

Latex-free: It is important to buy sphygmomanometer made of latex-free materials. This can save latex intolerant people from any kind of allergies and give everyone an excellent experience.

Your preferences: Understand on what purpose you are going to use it and where. These will help you to choose which type of sphygmomanometer you need to buy. Knowing your preferences well can not only cut down your options to minimum but can also help you to buy an instrument that can suit your personal and professional needs.

Budget: Always stick to your budget no matter what! You don’t want to break your bank for buying a very expensive instrument. It is always better to buy a budget-friendly sphygmomanometer. But you must be cautious about the quality as low prices can offer you low-quality. So, choose the devices in your budget, check their functionality and quality before purchasing it.

Warranty: Don’t forget to check for any warranties available. Calibration or device warranties last for a certain period. But they ensure to repair or re-calibrate it in future if needed. So, one doesn’t have to worry about fixing these and can save a lot of money on replacements.


Some of the best sphygmomanometers:

Several companies manufacture sphygmomanometers. With more than hundreds of options available in the market, the task of choosing one among them is quite hectic and difficult. To make your task a bit easier and less time-consuming, we will now discuss some of the best sphygmomanometers present in the market. Let’s dive in.

GreaterGoods Sphygmomanometer Manual Blood Pressure Monitor:

This sphygmomanometer is used for clinical purposes. In this sphygmomanometer, the gauge is attached to the bulb. For a better control, the metal strip allows to keep the handpick in our hands while measuring the blood pressure. This strip also prevents any wobbling or shaking. The dial can be easily read with clarity. The accuracy of the dial is 3 mmHg. This sphygmomanometer comes with a storage case. This case helps to keep the instrument safe and secure while you move around with it and prevent any damage to it. The best thing about this sphygmomanometer from GreaterGoods is its ‘pay it forward’ feature. A small part of the money on every purchase of this instrument goes to the Love146 foundation. This foundation fights against the system of child trafficking and also takes care of the survivors of this inhuman system. So on purchasing this instrument, you will be doing a good social service.


  • The metal strip provides better control of the handpick and also prevents it from wobbling and shaking while measuring the blood pressure.
  • The dial is easy to read and make sure to provide enough clarity.
  • A storage case is also present which helps to protect the instrument from any kind of damage caused during movement and keeps it safe and secure in its position.
  • A small amount goes to the Love146 foundation on every instrument purchase.


  • The accuracy is not impressive.
  • The cuff size is much big. It is quite difficult to measure the blood pressure of thin individuals.


Welch Allyn DS45-11 Aneroid Sphygmomanometer:

This sphygmomanometer can be used in hospitals as well as in homes. The dial face is laser engraved to provide a high-quality accurate display which is quick and easy to read. The rotating gauge has a snap integration system that helps it to attach or remove from the cuff during a cuff change. A cuff change is necessary due to the different arm sizes of patients. The gauge also features 360-degree operations which allow it to rotate in the right direction to be read from different angles. This sphygmomanometer comes with a gear-free Dura shock design which enhances its durability and long productivity. The large inflation bulb increases inflation efficiency. To have control over the air pressure levels, a high-quality air-release valve is present. This sphygmomanometer is made from premium latex-free materials to prevent any latex allergies.


  • It can be used both by professionals and at homes.
  • The dial face offers a high-quality accurate display.
  • The gauge can be easily adjusted to the patient’s arm.
  • It is made of latex-free components.
  • The air-release valve helps to control the air pressure.

Cons: No such.


Prestige Medical 3-in-1 Aneroid Sphygmomanometer Set:

It is a sphygmomanometer set consisting of 3 different interchangeable BP cuff sizes to measure the blood pressure from children and adults of different sizes. A special BP cuff for small children is also present. The nylon cuffs are made of latex-free components and have index or range markings to ensure that the cuff is placed properly on the individual’s arm. An I.D. label is present inside each cuff to write the user’s name to prevent any misplacing.  The manometer is precisely calibrated and comes with a calibration warranty. So, one doesn’t have to worry about any re-calibration in the future. The heavy-duty vulcanized bladder helps the nylon cuff to remain durable and efficient for a very long time. The inflation bulb is latex-free for a comfortable experience. A valve is present for air release. This sphygmomanometer comes with a carrying case to provide optimum protection and also helps to carry your essentials in it.

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  • Three types of blood pressure cuffs are present to fit different sizes.
  • The cuffs are made of latex-free materials.
  • An I.D. label is present inside the cuffs to write your name.
  • A calibration warranty comes with the manometer for any re-calibration in the future.
  • The heavy-duty vulcanized bladder enhances the durability of the nylon cuff.
  • A carrying case is also present.
  • The inflation bulb is also latex-free.


  • Only one gauge and bulb are present.


ADC Diagnostix 700 Pocket Aneroid Sphygmomanometer:

This is one of the best sphygmomanometers which can last a few years without any problems or issues. The reason for this long lifespan is the 2-year inflation system warranty and a lifetime calibration warranty which is offered by this sphygmomanometer. So, one doesn’t have to think or worry about getting it damaged and the nuisance to fix it. The manometer of this instrument is Japanese engineered and is tested to 30,000 cycles. The numbers on the dial are crystal clear and can be read easily from any angle under any kind of light. This sphygmomanometer comes with a size guide. This feature prevents one from any mis-cuffing. The latex-free material of this instrument makes it literally perfect for everyone.


  • It comes with a 2-year inflation warranty and a lifetime calibration warranty, thus helping the user to be relaxed about it.
  • The manometer is tested for 30,000 cycles and is Japanese engineered.
  • The numbers on the dial can be read easily from any angle even under dim light.
  • It is made of latex-free material.
  • The size guide helps one to avoid any mis-cuffing.


  • The BP cuff is of poor quality.
  • The bulb mechanism is not impressive.


Welch Allyn Gauge and Multi-cuff kit:

It is one of the best premium sphygmomanometer set. This kit includes 4 types of cuff sizes for children and adults. The high-end palm aneroid provides accurate blood pressure measurements by a single person. This kit features an impressive gear-free Dura Shock technology to improve the performance, function, durability, as well as stability of the sphygmomanometer. This feature reduces the chance of expenditure of money on replacement parts. The bladder can be filled, monitored, and released by using only one hand. Thus, your other hand can focus on using a stethoscope or other medical equipment. The display background of the manometer is black with white numbers and a needle to enhance the contrast for easy and quick readability. To enhance the durability of the devices, it features jewel movement technology. It is very light and portable. It features a soft grip and an impressive calibration warranty. Thus, this sphygmomanometer provides an overall wonderful experience. The cuff has index marking and other indicators. The manometer hose has an easy plug and use port. A two-pocket carrying case comes with this kit for safe storage.


  • Different cuff sizes are present for children and adults.
  • The gear-free Dura Shock technology increases the device’s durability and stability.
  • The palm aneroid allows the bladder to be controlled by only one hand.
  • The manometer has a laser-engraved dial face with contrast background and numbers.
  • A two-pocket carrying case helps to protect the instrument and store it safely.

Cons: No such.


ADC Diagnostix 703 Palm Style Aneroid Sphygmomanometer:

It is another great sphygmomanometer which is very user-friendly. It comes with a one-handed trigger style air valve which allows the user to control the speed of air release. It is easy to put together and use. The proprietary size guide marking system allows the best aid while measuring blood pressure. The carrying case features a nylon zipper which is self-repairing. This sphygmomanometer has a Japanese engineered movement.


  • It is easy to put together after taking it out of the box and extremely convenient to use.
  • The air release valve can be triggered and used by using a single hand.
  • Presence of a proprietary size guide marking system to help the user while taking measurements.
  • It features a Japanese engineered movement.
  • The storing case’s zipper has a self-repair feature.

Cons: No such.


Santamedical Adult Deluxe Aneroid Sphygmomanometer:

It is a budget-friendly sphygmomanometer from Santamedical. It is designed specially to be used at home or for starters in the medical field. This instrument gives you consistent reading and thus very convenient and impressive. The cuff of this sphygmomanometer is not only abrasion-resistant but also resistant to certain chemicals and moisture. The material of the inflation bulb of this instrument is nonstick and resistant to cracks. This sphygmomanometer comes with a 1-year warranty which is another plus point.


  • It is best for beginners in the medical field and to be used at home during any emergencies or need.
  • A 1-year warranty is available with this sphygmomanometer.
  • It has a nonstick and crack-resistant inflation bulb.
  • The cuffs are designed to prevent any abrasions.
  • The cuffs are chemical and moisture-resistant too.
  • It provides consistent reading which is quite convenient for the user.

Cons: No such.


PARAMED Professional Aneroid Sphygmomanometer blood pressure cuff:

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It is a very popular sphygmomanometer that is known for its reliability. This sphygmomanometer can fulfill all your requirements and leave you fully satisfied with its functions. It is super light and can easily be carried to places without any hassle. It is perfect for people learning to measure blood pressure. It can be used at home or for professional use. The universal cuff comes with high-quality Velcro closure to provide accurate measurements. This cuff fits perfectly. The hypoallergenic feature of this instrument prevents any kind of allergic reactions to latex. The dial can be adjusted back to zero with the help of a small key. A carry pouch comes along with this sphygmomanometer purchase. It also has 30-days money-back guarantee for any dispute, failure, or dissatisfaction. The customer service of this brand is very fast to respond to any questions or issues.


  • The cuff fits properly.
  • It provides very accurate readings.
  • It comes with a hypoallergenic feature.
  • It is very light and can easily be carried around.
  • A carry pouch is present.
  • A 30-days money-back guarantee comes with this instrument. So, one doesn’t have to worry about any dispute.
  • The small key helps to adjust the dial back to zero.
  • It can be used both in homes or professional areas. It is absolutely perfect for beginners who are learning how to measure blood pressure.

Cons: No such.


Prestige Medical Aneroid Sphygmomanometer:

It is a well-designed pressure monitor which is available in several colors and design patterns that can accommodate both men and women users. The cuff is made of nylon and has index and range markings along with an artery indicator marking to provide accurate measurements. An I.D. label is present on the back of the cuff where the user can write his/her name to prevent confusion with someone else’s instrument. This sphygmomanometer is available for both adult and thigh size options. The display gauge has an easy to read white background and the numbers are in black to allow efficient and fast readings. The dial is black in color for the best possible contrast and optimum readability. The bladder is made of latex-free components to provide a safe experience for allergy-sensitive individuals. For air pressure management, an easy release pressure valve is present. A nice color-coordinated carrying case comes with this sphygmomanometer to provide protection and easy handling.


  • It is affordable and comes in several color and pattern options.
  • It provides good accuracy.
  • The bladder is made of latex-free components.
  • A carrying case is also present for protection and easy handling of the instrument.
  • The dial is color contrasted and easy to read.
  • It is available in different size options.
  • The nylon cuff has many different markings for optimum accuracy.


  • The calibration of the cuff is not quite good.
  • The cuff size creates little problem for smaller people.


Elite Medical Instruments Aneroid Sphygmomanometer:

It is one of the best sphygmomanometers which is affordable. A precision-crafted manometer is present for accuracy. It comes with a gauge holder too. A 2-tube adult bladder with a large air release valve is present to control the airflow efficiently. The cuff is made of durable nylon material and also has markings and indicators which allow easy adjustments during blood pressure assessment of an individual. There are separate gauge and bulb tubes to transfer the airflow into the gauge through the bladder for quick, easy, and impressive accurate readings. A standard dual head Sprague Rapapport stethoscope comes with this sphygmomanometer to listen to anatomical sounds properly. A matching storage case is also included with this bundle to keep the instruments safe, secure, and clean.


  • The manometer is precisely crafted to provide accurate results.
  • The cuff is made of nylon components which is very durable.
  • Separate gauge and bulb tubes are present for better and quick airflow to the gauge.
  • A storage case is present to keep the instruments safe.
  • A standard stethoscope is also included in this kit.
  • It is budget-friendly.
  • It is suitable for those learning to use this device or pressure measurements.


  • The functionality of the stethoscope is not quite impressive. To hear fainter and deeper sounds, a better stethoscope should be bought separately.



Sphygmomanometers are extremely important instruments that help to monitor and evaluate the blood pressure of an individual. You can no way escape to not choose doing this purchase. We have provided all the necessary information about sphygmomanometers. We know that there are hundreds of different sphygmomanometers being sold in the market. So, choosing which one to buy can be a bit stressful as well as time-consuming. To make this task easy and convenient, here, we have prepared a list of some of the best sphygmomanometers available in the market at present is also given with their pros and cons. From this list you can choose the one which suits you the best. So, hope you will make the best choice. Make sure that you take a note of all your requirements properly and do not forget to compare the prices well before you take a decision and pick up a product.