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Best Vein Finder

Vein finder is an extremely important and helpful tool for medical practitioners who draw blood. Sometimes, it is very difficult to locate a vein in some people. People with dark-colored skin are a challenge for them. Most of them require additional sticks that are quite stressful, traumatic, and uncomforting both for the medical professional as well as the individual. In this type of situation, vein finder devices come to the rescue of the nurses and other medical professionals.

These devices help you to find veins quickly. Moreover, these devices use non-invasive ways to find the veins in the subcutaneous tissues by using light. So, not only they save your time but will also prevent wasting syringes, needles, PICC, and midline trays on stick after stick. So, here we will provide a list of some of the best vein finders available in the market.

This list will guide you to your best suitable vein finder device or glasses. We will also discuss the use and types of vein finders. Before these first we will provide a list of some important things to consider while buying a vein finder.

Important things to consider while purchasing a vein finder:

When you start to choose a good and suitable vein finder for buying, you may get easily confused by so many options of good devices with different features. To avoid this confusion, you must know what to look for in a vein finder. Let’s discuss some of the important things to consider while buying a vein finder.

Type of patients you have: It is an important factor to decide what type of vein finder you require. There are many separate devices for adults and children. Depending on this, buy your vein finder device. If you need to deal with both children and adults then there are some devices which come with an adapter. Those can be used easily on both types of patients. This expertise doesn’t come to anyone overnight. It truly requires a lot of practice as well as, one should be aware of the technical and medical terms to be able to take the measure accurately.

Type of LEDs: Most of the nurses and doctors have to deal with so many patients continuously. On using a device for a long duration, the lights get heated up. Some device’s lights get heated up more than others. You don’t want your patient’s skin to be hurt. So, check this before buying any device.

Rechargeable battery: If you want to buy an active vein finder then make sure that it has a rechargeable battery. This will allow you to recharge it and save your money on buying new batteries frequently. Check the number of batteries needed by your device to work and buy an extra battery set. This will always help you in emergencies.

Cleaning: You deal with germs and dirt every day. Many devices work with direct contact with the patient’s skin. This makes cleaning your vein finder unavoidable. Make sure that your device can be properly cleaned and sanitized. It is not just a mandate but at the same time, you should be doing it for the sake of your patient’s safety.

Build quality: Before buying any vein finder device, make sure that it is durable and well-built. Remember that you would be requiring this device too frequently and almost on a regular basis. Therefore, a one-time investment would prove to be productive enough for you, instead of compelling you to make the purchase every now and then. The LEDs of the active vein devices must be long-lasting. All electrical components should be of good quality. The glasses of the passive vein finders must have an anti-scratch coating. They must be resistant to impacts and not prone to easy breaking.

Price: Price can affect your ‘choosing process’. Some devices are budget-friendly while others are very expensive. Sometimes, the high price is due to the brand’s name. But expensive devices may also offer you additional benefits. But always stick to your budget. Choose the devices that fall in your budget range and then tally their features, pros, and cons. Finally buy the one that can fulfill all your demands.

Warranty: It is another important thing to consider while purchasing a vein finder. Many devices come with a limited period warranty. This allows the user to use the device without worrying about damaging it and spending a lot of money on replacements. Therefore, keep a look at this provision of the medical equipment you pick. Also, make sure that you preserve the document safely to ensure future reference.

Some of the best vein finder:

At present, with the advancement of technology, we have so many options in front of us. This gift has a disadvantage too. With so many products available, one gets easily confused about which device to buy. To help you with that, we will now discuss some of the best vein finders.

Veinlite EMS Pro Vein Finder:

Veinlite manufactures come up with many wonderful vein finder devices. We will discuss some of them here in detail.This vein finder from Veinlite is a super affordable vein finder, ideal to be used on both children and adults. It is very portable and looks like a thick slingshot. It has only one ON/OFF switch. The one-button design makes it easy to be used. It works on two AA batteries. It has a round C-shaped opening that emits bright white light. The opening has 24 LED lights embedded in it. This device can be used for 3 to 5 hours continuously. The green light present below the switch becomes orange to indicate a low battery level. Before 1 hour of the batteries getting exhausted, this light will blink red. This vein finder can be used on both adult and pediatric patients. An adapter is used for infants or children.

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Follow these steps to use the vein finder devices from Veinlite properly:

  • Place the device at 90 degrees to the vein on the area of the body where you like to find the veins.
  • Move it back and forth continuously.
  • Stop when you have found the vein.
  • After locating the vein, rotate and put the device parallel to the vein.
  • Press the device gently on the spot and gently push it back for stretching the skin.
  • Through the C-shaped opening of the device insert the needle into the vein.
  • Remember to use the adapter while working on a pediatric patient to limit the size of the opening.

Some important tips to follow regarding this device are:

  • Don’t forget to use disposable plastic covers or germicidal wipes as the device makes direct contact with the skin.
  • Avoid using alcohol on your devices because they fog the protective clear plastics of the lights.


  • It has a one-button design.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is a flexible and portable tool.
  • It works well on both pediatric and adult individuals.
  • Presence of 24 LED lights to emit bright white light.
  • It can function for 3 to 5 hours continuously.
  • A low battery level light is present.
  • It is very quick.


  • It is not suitable for patients with dark skin.


Veinlite EMS Transilluminator Vein Finder:

It is one of the best vein finder devices. A total of 16 dual-colored LED lights are present in this device to reveal the veins of the patient. It helps to find veins on forearms, legs, and even on the scalp. Among 16 lights, 4 are red bulbs and the rest 12 are orange bulbs. It is very affordable as compared to most of the other products discussed here. It is recommended that only emergency response teams use this device. This device from Veinlite runs on two AA batteries. If used continuously, the batteries can last for up to 6 hours. It is very simple to use. An adapter is present with it to be used with pediatric patients. This device produces a very bright light that can shine through the foot and hand of a small baby. It can fulfill the place of an ultrasound vein finder easily. To achieve its optimum function, you just need to low or dim the lights of the room where you are examining the patient.


  • Presence of a total 16 LED lights of two different colors- red and orange.
  • The batteries allow it to function for 6 hours continuously.
  • It is simple to use.
  • For use on pediatric patients, it has an adapter.
  • Veins of the scalp can also be revealed by this device.

Cons: No such.


Veinlite LEDX Transilluminator Vein Finder:

This is the most powerful transilluminator vein finder manufactured by Veinlite. It has a total of 32 LED lights. Among these, 24 of the lights are orange and the rest are red. The large opening produces bright light to allow you to find even the deeper veins quite easily. Even the veins of obese and dark skin colored patients can be found easily and quickly. It works with the help of a rechargeable Lithium-ion (LiPo) battery. This battery has 3 years or 500-cycles life. The battery allows the device to perform for 160 minutes before recharging it. The battery can be replaced at the end of its lifespan. This vein finder has a CE certification. Moreover, it has achieved the right to be used by the FDA. It is a great choice for nurses. This device is extremely helpful in sclerotherapy treatments as well as vascular surgeries.


  • Presence of a total 32 LED lights of two different colors- red and orange.
  • It produces a very bright light.
  • It allows you to find veins even in obese and dark skin colored patients easily.
  • The LiPo battery is rechargeable.
  • The battery has a lifespan of about 3 years.
  • The battery can be changed.
  • It is very helpful in sclerotherapy treatments as well as vascular surgeries.


  • It can be used for adults only.


Illumivein Red LED Vein Finder Transilluminator:

This vein finder looks like a flashlight. It is a great choice for nurses. It comes in a form of a small cylinder made of aluminum. It has 9 red-spectrum LEDs to reveal the veins on the surface of the skin. These LED lights are embedded in the small cylinder. This device has a button at the bottom to switch it on. This vein finder device uses 3 AA batteries to work. It is very portable.

Follow the following steps to use this device from Illumivein:

  • Press the ‘ON’ button to start the device.
  • Put the lighted end of this device against the body part where you want to reveal the vein.
  • After that slowly and gently move this device back and forth.
  • Stop when you see the shadows in the red glow surrounding it that indicates the patient’s vein.
  • Search for veins that appear in a straight line.
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The veins of the forearm appear as shadows under the effect of this instrument when used in a dark or dim lighted room.


  • It is portable.
  • It uses 9 red LEDs.
  • The cylinder is made of aluminum.
  • It works great by using 3 AA batteries.
  • It shows the veins as shadows.


  • It is not suitable for dark skin patients.
  • It doesn’t have any opening to allow you to focus on the injection area. One needs to mark the veins before lifting the light.


O2AMP Oxy-ISO Colorblindness Correction glass:

It is a passive vein finder device that looks like a sunglass. It works great for colorblind wearers and helps them to find the vein. It helps the wearer to see whether the patient is pale or flushed. Apart from the ability to correct colorblindness, these glasses also protect the wearer from UV rays. The glass lenses are scratch-resistant and resistant to breakage. They also have an anti-fog coating. Thus, other than helping the wearer to find the veins in a patient, these glasses have many other important functions too.


  • It works well for colorblind wearers.
  • The lenses are scratch-resistant.
  • It doesn’t require batteries or electricity to work.
  • The glasses have an anti-fog coating.
  • They protect the wearer against UV rays too.
  • The lenses are resistant to breakage.


  • They cannot be used in a dark environment.
  • Try to choose other options if you already have prescribed eyewear.


O2AMP Paramedic Vein Glasses:

Time for another passive vein finder! It is a great passive vein finder that looks like a nice pair of sunglasses. This EMT vein glasses protect the wearer against UV rays of the Sun. Not only they help the wearer to see the superficial vasculature of the individual but also help to detect blood-oxygen levels, view rashes, and determines the occurrence of cyanosis in the patient. It allows the veins to appear to fluoresce to the wearer. This can be worn regularly for a long duration as it doesn’t harm the wearer’s eyes. These glasses come with layers of special coatings like anti-fog, anti-scratch, and anti-static coatings. These glasses are also resistant to impacts. They work the best in high illumination like under bright sunlight or bright indoor lights. If you want to use at nights, then use strong flashlights or bright portable lamps. Let your eyes adjust a bit in the light and then you are ready to locate the vein.


  • Not only they help to find the veins but these glasses also protect the wearer from the sun’s UV rays.
  • The glasses are resistant to impact.
  • The glasses have an anti-scratch coating. Other anti-fog and anti-static coatings are also present.


  • It can’t be used if you already have prescribed eyewear. But many users can fit these glasses over their eyewear. So, no harm to try. Moreover, you can contact the company to see if they can ground your prescription. And in case if this fails, then try to choose another option from the list.
  • They cannot be used in dark.


Venoscope II Transilluminator Adult and Baby Vein Finder:

It is another great vein finder. It uses LED light to reveal the veins on the patient’s skin. It is very affordable and can be used straight out of the box. It doesn’t have a sleek construction like the other models mentioned here. It runs on AA alkaline batteries. It has a three-position switch that offers the user both low power setting and high power setting. It also works by direct contact with the patient’s skin. This device is moved gently on the skin until a vein is being revealed. It doesn’t get very hot while being continuously used. It gets heated up to about 95 degrees Fahrenheit (which is lower than our normal body temperature) after being used for 15 minutes approx. Before burning out, the lamp can run for 5000 hours. The best thing about this device is that it comes with a 1-year warranty.

To use this device from Venoscope properly, follow these tips:

  • First, make sure that the device is in contact with the skin of the individual.
  • Search for veins in the fatty areas of the body. Be sure to avoid bony areas.
  • It works best in darkened or dim lighted environments. So, try to dim the lights of the room and draw the curtains (if any) to easily locate the patient’s vein.


  • It is very affordable.
  • It runs on AA alkaline batteries.
  • It doesn’t get very hot after continuous use.
  • The lamp can run for about 5000 hours before burning out.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Some people complain about this device to be overpriced as compared to the features involved.


Wee Sight Transilluminator by Philips:

Nurses and doctors working in pediatric care are familiar with this device from Wee Sight. Nurses working in the newborn ward are seen to carry these devices with them. It is one of the best vein finders used on infants or newborn babies. It is very small in size. It emits quite powerful 629nm light to reveal the veins in infants and neonatal patients. This light is emitted by powerful red LEDs that are present in this tiny device. After continuous use, these strong red LEDs don’t get much hot to hurt the delicate and tender skin of the newborn babies. Moreover, the quality of the LEDs is very good and long-lasting. So, they can function for many years without any issues. This small device runs on two alkaline AA batteries.

To use this device properly, follow the following steps:

  • First to use this device you have to put the flat side of it on the table or the bed. You can hold it in your hand too.
  • Next, drape the limb, hand, or foot (where you want to see the vein) of the baby over this device.
  • You can see the baby’s veins as dark lines like a flashlight shining through your hand.
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  • It is the ideal choice for nurses working in newborn ward.
  • It helps to reveal the veins of babies as dark lines.
  • The LEDs are strong and can emit powerful light.
  • The LEDs do not get much heated after being used continuously.
  • The LEDs are long-lasting.
  • It works on two alkaline AA batteries.

Cons: No such.

Working principle of a Vein finder:

Finding veins in elderly people, small patients, or dark skin patients can be very challenging. Continuous sticking increases trauma and stress. A vein finder helps to find the vein by using light, even in the darkened skin areas. It throws infrared light on the area where you need to find a vein. That light penetrates the skin and reaches a few millimeters into it. But as the infrared light doesn’t fall on the visible spectrum of human beings so we cannot see that light. To help the user to check whether the device is functioning, usually, red light is added to it. Now, the hemoglobin of our body’s blood absorbs the infrared light and gets highlighted. The whole superficial vasculature gets lighted in that area. And now you can see the vein quite easily. This technique is used by active devices. Passive vein finder devices on the other hand used visible light.

Types of Vein finders:

With the growing advances in the field of technology and medical science, you need to know about the kinds of devices available in the market, as well as, you should be aware of the working modules of each one of them in order to have a clear idea of the functionality of these devices. Vein finder devices are basically of two types- passive devices and active devices. The main difference between these two types of devices is the type of light used by them.

Passive Vein Finders: They are simply light filters that alter the color of visible light to allow the user to see the veins. They usually come in the format of sunglasses. For the best results, you need to use powerful illumination with these glasses. This type of vein finders is extremely helpful for EMTs as they help in other things too apart from finding the vein. They don’t need any batteries or electrical power to function.


  • It is small and light in weight.
  • It can be easily carried around.
  • It can be worn like normal sunglasses.
  • It also helps to view a patient’s overall health.
  • It doesn’t need electricity or batteries to work.


  • It cannot work on poor illuminated places.

Active Vein Finders: They are also known as powered vein finders. They use red and infrared light to highlight or to fluoresce hemoglobin present in the blood. Thus, the user can easily see the veins.


  • It is great for even dark-skinned patients.
  • It can easily be carried around.


  • It is not a disadvantage but these vein finders work their best in dim light or darkened places.

Ultrasonic Vein Finder: They use ultrasonic techniques to find the vein. The ultrasound produced by these devices reveals vasculatures as well as surrounding tissues and organs. Doctors and nurses get extreme help from this. This is the ideal choice during PICC (intravenous catheter for long-term use).


  • It is very powerful.
  • Apart from veins, surrounding tissues and organs are also revealed by this device.


  • It is not much portable.

Some important points to remember while dealing with vein finders:

Vein finder is an important tool to locate the vein on the patient easily and quickly. But you must remember these points while dealing with vein finder devices:

  • Buy the disposable slipcovers if you use vein finder devices on many patients every day. They prevent any cross contaminations.
  • Even if you are using your device on yourself or a single patient, it will be better if you use the disposable covers.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions present on the device to clean it. This will protect your device from getting damaged.
  • In most of the devices, you can’t use alcohol to clean the area around the lights, or else they will be fogged. To avoid that, use gentle germicidal wipes.


If you want to perform venipuncture or cannulation on an individual then you need to locate a vein. Finding a vein can be very difficult in some patients like infants, obese individuals, or dark skin patients. To save you and your patient from unnecessary trauma and pain, you can buy a vein finder device. To help you with that, we have provided here a list of the best vein finder devices. Both active and passive devices are included in this list for you to choose from. Their features along with their pros and cons are discussed thoroughly to give you a clear idea about each one of them. This will help you to ease your ‘choosing process’. Other additional information regarding this great device is given here. We hope that you find this information useful. Thanks for reading till the end.